[NAFEX] PH? potted citrus

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You could also use water that has been through a de-ionizing filter. Our
household water goes through such a filter. In addition to improving
(removing?) the taste of the water, it removes most of the calcium and
magnesium (and chlorine). It seems to work well for our potted indoor
plants. The filter only needs replacing once a year @ $75, although our
water is only moderately hard.

zn 6b TN

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> Hello All,
> I have a couple of potted citrus and I have a PH question.
> Our water is hard, heavy with calcium.  By watering the potted citrus with
> this water it sweetens the soil.  Citurs like slightly acidic soil.  I
> believe this hard water is stunting my potted citrus.
> Is there a means to either make my water slightly acid or top dress the
> soil with an an acidifying amendment?
> The plants do very well outside with natural rain water during the summer,
> but coming indoors with hard water seems to set them back.
> Any suggestions?  Possibly "Jobes" makes acidifying soil sticks?  Is
> melted snow acidic like rain water?
> Thanks,
> Tom

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