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> Does anyone have any experience with the following
> Claypool selections?
> L-128-a  (JuhlxSzukis)
> I'm curious to know about availability of scion wood and whether any of them 
> have monoecious tendencies.

Hi John,

You apparently have been on line at the Indiana Nut Growers site and found 
the Claypool records. The only American persimmon that I would consider 
monoecious is the Szukis and then only 1/3 of the time as it's sexuality flip flops 
around when grafted. 

I should be able to get wood of those and others you may wish to grow and 
test. For the past 10 years or so I've made an annual spring pilgrimage to 
Claypool's orchard to collect wood. It is an all day project, plus another to 
process it all. Unless you are getting commercial quantities I only ask for postage 
and something to help cover the cost of gas as it is a three hour drive. 

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