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Please put me on your list,  I would be delighted to participagte.
John Emmett

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The early fruiting pomegranates should give you a better yield, I am  
not enought summer heat and humid conditions are the problem. The early
fruiting Central Asian varieties should be the best bet. As cold  
is not the problem with your location, I would suggest a Sweet, Soft- 
variety such as "Sumbar" or "Sverchranniy". If you want to test these
varieties let me know and I will put you on my list for cuttings in
february, all I ask is postage and a report back sometime in the  
future. As
you have sent your address all that is needed is a affirmative  
reponsive and
I will try to get the cuttings to you then.
Richard Ashton

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> The discussion of pomegranates is very interesting to me.  I live in
> the hills (700 ft elevation) above Vancouver, Washington (USDA zone
> 8-) and have been trying to grow 'Wonderful' for the last 9 years.
> We have a southern exposure and a very sheltered location.  While the
> plant seems  hardy, grows well and produces a moderate amount of
> blossoms, we only get a 5-8 very small to mid-sized pomegranates.
> The blossoming is very late as compared with our peaches and apples.
> The Asian/Middle-eastern pomegranates under discussion may blossom
> earlier or have a shorter growing, either of which might allow me to
> grow them here successfully.  I would greatly appreciate any
> information on obtaining some of these varieties to test here.
> Thanks you.
> John L. Emmett
> 22721 NE 123rd Circle
> Brush Prairie, WA  98606
> jlemmett at iinet.com

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