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Green Light!

Seeing peaches are brought up I was wondering what grafting method are 
recommended. I have several 3 year old Red Haven seedlings (15 of them) 
and want to know what my options are other then pruning and seeing what 
I get for fruit. What are the success rate of each method? I am new to 
peaches though I have grafted apples with moderate success; at least I 
learned some valuable lessons.

I also have 3 Marianna rootstock in a stooling bed planted this last 
spring that I have done nothing with. Having babies changes priorities 
for a time. It doesn't make sense to put saw dust on them now so what 
do you all recommend.


And yes, Dave thanks for the most excellent report!

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> Thanks Doreen, coming from you this is a tremendous compliment.
> I have Saturn as a branch on one of my seedlings but it is young. Came 
> through a winter that was tough on peach buds last year as a bud 
> though. The good thing about grafting on established trees is that you 
> get a lot of growth right away. My Saturn made about 4 1/2' of new 
> growth this summer and is ready for a good test. Peaches like it here 
> in the summer, its only the winter that gives them a few slight 
> problems.
> Dave
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