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MARIE ASHTON bwoodtx at verizon.net
Fri Dec 2 23:03:10 EST 2005

Are you in 6a or 6b?    6b is down to -5 and there are some possible varieties that might work. 6a at down to -10 is a little chancey but worth a try. Since pomegranates bear fruit on new wood you do not have to worry about buds being killed. If you have a winter snow cover then there is also a variety that might  work (under the snow cover). 
But to state again 6b is a good possibility with the new (in the US) Russian/Central Asian varieties. The varieties that I would recommend are "Kazake" or "Salavatski". "Agat" if under snow cover (a low growing, good fruiting
pomegranate). If want to try one let me know and I will try to see that you get one to try, but pomegranates like a lot of fruit trees do not reach their best cold hardiness until about the third year and would need to be somewhat protected the first two years.
Richard Ashton
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    How many of you are interested in pomegranates. It seems that many people think they are too much trouble to eat. They are somewhat troublesome, but some think they are worth the trouble.   The easiest  way to utilize them is to juice them with a common citrus/orange press, that's just a pressure press not the kind with the reamer as that kind will get the partation material and skin into the juice and that is bitter (tannin). There are a lot of new varieties available now and some cold hardy ones.
    Richard Ashton
    zone 7b/8a Central Texas

  I am interested in pomegranate, but here in zone 6, I think I will have to content myself with indoor plants.  If anyone knows of a pomegranate hardy to zone 6, though, I'd be excited to try it.

  eastern MA, zone 6


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