[NAFEX] Cold Peaches ?

Nathan Torgerson nathantorgerson at yahoo.com
Fri Dec 2 22:40:58 EST 2005

I noticed some of the same issues Dave mentioned with last year's winter, that some of my grapes died back to the ground even though the winter wasn't that harsh.  And I see Dave's point about Bailey rootstock...my Reliance Peach on Bailey rootstack was the last tree in my yard to lose its leaves during our 6th warmest fall on record (It lost its leaves the third week of November, which is not a good sign for the Minneapolis winter to come).
Dave, keep up the great work!  Your write-up was a great reminder that pushing our  fruit trees to the limit isn't a sprint, but a chess match against the elements (and the animals, you can't forget all the squirrel and deer topics we've had over the years!). You have given us great ideas to improve our "game", and I can't wait to use some of your techniques with my fruit trees.
  Andover, MN zone 4a

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