[NAFEX] Manganese poisoning test proposal

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  I'll be happy to do the experiment, I'd already had plans to do as much anyway (except I hadn't thought about the lime element).  My site is new and I haven't tested the ph yet, but will soon.  The soil is clay and I'm told very acidic.  It's in southern Md (zone 7) near the tip of a peninsula jutting into the Chesapeake -- can be quite humid/clammy.  There's a few native persimmon along the perimeter of the site.
  "Where KSD is a known problem"  Well, kaki has no history at this site, but I'll be finding out at some point.  Here's a list of the Kaki varieties that I've recently or soon will put in my orchard:  Eureka, Giombo, Great Wall, Honan Red, Ichi-Ki-Kei-Jiro, Kyungsun Ban-Si, Lindy's Giant, Miss Kim, Nikita's Gift, Saijo, San Pedro, Sheng, Sung Hui, Tanenashi.  I'm sticking to the astrigent type, thinking that they might do best.



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It has been suggested but never proven that one cause of kaki death is 
Manganese poisoning due to low pH or acid soil. Lee is correct, sulfur would only worsen the problem. Unless that isn't one of the causes of KSD. Someone where kaki can be grown and is on acid soil needs to set up an experiment. I can't do it in Indiana.

What I'd suggest is as follows. Establish 10 D. virginiana 90 chromosome 
seedlings in a block on low pH soil where KSD is a known problem. Then in another area next to it another 10 D. virginiana 90C seedlings and lime that area so the pH is 6.5 or higher at a depth of 12 inches. Once the seedlings are established, about 3 years, graft them all to a variety of kaki and I'd suggest Jiro. If the grafts in the acid soil shepherd hook and die while those on the limed block survive it would be good evidence of mineral poising. Would it not? 
Discussion please.

I'll supply all the seeds anyone needs free. 


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