[NAFEX] Cold Peaches ?

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Thanks Doreen, coming from you this is a tremendous compliment.

I have Saturn as a branch on one of my seedlings but it is young. Came through a winter that was tough on peach buds last year as a bud though. The good thing about grafting on established trees is that you get a lot of growth right away. My Saturn made about 4 1/2' of new growth this summer and is ready for a good test. Peaches like it here in the summer, its only the winter that gives them a few slight problems.


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WOW!  Dave Griffin's post is the best thing I've ever read on experimenting with fruit in cold climates.  And, I read thousands of research papers and talk to researchers all over the world in my job as a garden writer.  In fact, I just finished talking with cherry researchers all over the country, and their experiments don't come close to the practical and extensive approach Griffin takes.

I second the recommendation that this should be written up for Pomona.  It's extremely valuable information.  

Thank you Dave for sharing your work and documenting it so thoroughly.

Doreen Howard
Zone 4b-5a, IL-WI border where I'm hoping my Saturn peach makes it through this winter.
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