[NAFEX] ibilio archives

tanis cuff tanistanis at hotmail.com
Thu Dec 1 17:30:37 EST 2005

I just double-checked, and yes clicking the archive link in either a 
yahoo-mail account or Hotmail yields "page not available".

I barely follow Pete's instructions, below, but does that mean accessing 
archive pages currently takes lots of computer time & fuss?  Is this the new 
method, or will it be easier in the near future.  (My NAFEX notes are a mix 
of paper & computer notes, but mostly a hand-written list of archive dates & 
message names, organized by topic, to refer to archive when I need it.)

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Subject: [NAFEX] ibilio archives
Date: Thu, 01 Dec 2005 12:49:33 -0500

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I wonder if this has something to do with the nabble.com spidering we
got at around the same timeframe?  ibiblio may have added more security
to the archives to prevent automated intrusion.


Pete Tallman wrote:
 > I follow the NAFEX discussion through the archives instead of e-mail. I
 > noticed a change as described ("the page cannot be found") shortly before
 > Thanksgiving. I figured it was something I did to my PC or a temnporary
 > holiday condition traffic blocker, but it has not changed. I had to go
 > through the lists.ibiblio.org page to get back to NAFEX, then go through
 > NAFEX list password authentication. I now need to re-authenticate on each
 > new browser window. Google search result that once opened a NAFEX 
 > item from the NAFEX archive now yields "the page cannot be found". If 
 > is not something I did, I would venture a guess that Google will be shut
 > out, and new viewers finding NAFEX from this route will be extremely rare 
 > absent.
 > Pete Tallman
 > Longmont, CO

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