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I don't understand: the sulfur would lower the pH, not raise it.

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On Dec 1, 2005, at 11:28 AM, kieran or donna wrote:

> Jerry said:
> "Yes, I believe Rosseyanka
> is less susceptible to KSD, especially seeing it is so winter  
> hardy. David
> heavily fertilized his was and I suspect went into the winter too  
> tender,
> was
> damaged, ...shepherd hooked, but not killed"
> I grafted Rosseyanka on native persimmon, it didn't wait till  
> winter but
> went straight into the shepherd's crook shape.  I chopped the tree  
> to the
> ground and burned it.  I kinda suspect now that manganese toxicity as
> someone mentioned once might be behind it, as the tree was on very  
> acid
> clay.  Could the native trees think nothing of high Mn levels,  
> while it
> kills the kakis?  I don't have kakis to compare, as I don't like  
> them very
> much.  The tree I grafted back in east TN did fine, but the soil  
> wasn't
> nearly as acidic there.  The weird thing is that where we have  
> limed, (ran
> the garden up to about 6.4 though I'm sure it's dropping) the corn  
> shows Mn
> deficiency each and every year.  The only way I have found to deal  
> with it
> is to throw some sulfur around.  High pH, high organic matter, and  
> high
> rainfall are a recipe for low Mn uptake.  All I can control is the  
> pH.  This
> year we didn't have to worry about the high rainfall, (got 1" per  
> mo in Sept
> and Oct, hot months too, with intense sunlight beating down daily)  
> and the
> corn was still yellow striped till it got some sulfur.  Donna
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