[NAFEX] NAFEX] Rosseyanka

kieran or donna redherring at tnaccess.com
Thu Dec 1 11:28:33 EST 2005

Jerry said:
"Yes, I believe Rosseyanka
is less susceptible to KSD, especially seeing it is so winter hardy. David
heavily fertilized his was and I suspect went into the winter too tender,
damaged, ...shepherd hooked, but not killed"

I grafted Rosseyanka on native persimmon, it didn't wait till winter but
went straight into the shepherd's crook shape.  I chopped the tree to the
ground and burned it.  I kinda suspect now that manganese toxicity as
someone mentioned once might be behind it, as the tree was on very acid
clay.  Could the native trees think nothing of high Mn levels, while it
kills the kakis?  I don't have kakis to compare, as I don't like them very
much.  The tree I grafted back in east TN did fine, but the soil wasn't
nearly as acidic there.  The weird thing is that where we have limed, (ran
the garden up to about 6.4 though I'm sure it's dropping) the corn shows Mn
deficiency each and every year.  The only way I have found to deal with it
is to throw some sulfur around.  High pH, high organic matter, and high
rainfall are a recipe for low Mn uptake.  All I can control is the pH.  This
year we didn't have to worry about the high rainfall, (got 1" per mo in Sept
and Oct, hot months too, with intense sunlight beating down daily) and the
corn was still yellow striped till it got some sulfur.  Donna

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