[NAFEX] maypop/archives

Pete Tallman pete_tallman at hotmail.com
Thu Dec 1 09:47:00 EST 2005

I follow the NAFEX discussion through the archives instead of e-mail. I 
noticed a change as described ("the page cannot be found") shortly before 
Thanksgiving. I figured it was something I did to my PC or a temnporary 
holiday condition traffic blocker, but it has not changed. I had to go 
through the lists.ibiblio.org page to get back to NAFEX, then go through 
NAFEX list password authentication. I now need to re-authenticate on each 
new browser window. Google search result that once opened a NAFEX discussion 
item from the NAFEX archive now yields "the page cannot be found". If this 
is not something I did, I would venture a guess that Google will be shut 
out, and new viewers finding NAFEX from this route will be extremely rare or 

Pete Tallman
Longmont, CO

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