[NAFEX] firm cooking apples (was Bramley)

Ginda Fisher list at ginda.us
Wed Aug 31 18:23:11 EDT 2005

Thanks everyone.

Charlie - you live in my general neighborhood.  Where can I buy  
Northern Spies?  (reply off list if you like.)  I see a few of them  
for one week at one market, and wonder if anyone sells them in more  

Stephen, I will have to try a multi-variety pie with an eye towards  
slices in sauce, as you suggest.  Perhaps Spy and Macintosh.

Of the other suggested apples, I can buy a few Goldrush or Newton  
Pippin (like Northern Spy), Jonagold, Stayman Winesap, and of course  
Macoun, which is very popular around here and is in the supermarket  
in season.   I find Macoun cooks similarly to McIntosh.  (Maybe I  
overcook it?)

I've never seen Suncrisp or Cox's Orange pippin for sale locally.  Or  
a Prairie Spy.  Is that a really different apple or just a sport of N  
Spy, do you think?

Thanks again.  I will think of you in pie season.  :)


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