[NAFEX] gardens to visit

Louisa Rogoff Thompson louisathompson at erols.com
Mon Aug 22 10:57:28 EDT 2005


Another possibility - this is in NW PA about halfway between Pittsburg 
and Erie.  Darrel and Linda Frey at Three Sisters Farm, located in rural 
Mercer County, in western Pa, 5 miles north of Sandy Lake.  Address is 
134 Obitz Road, Sandy Lake, Pa. 16145, phone:724- 376-2797.   
www.bioshelter.com, e-mail defrey at bioshelter.com or defrey at toolcity.net. 
  <defrey at bioshelter.com> Darrel is not great about answering e-mails 
(sorry, Darrel), so call if you don't get a reply soon.

Like the Martis they are long-time permaculturists running a CSA and 
they also sell a gourmet salad mix (full of weeds!) to upscale 
Pittsburgh restaurants.  Linda has a wonderful eye for color and does 
striking flower beds containing herbs, annual flowers (many edible), 
strawberries as a ground cover, and maybe a fruit tree in the center.

Another fine edible landscape is at the home of Joe Jenkins, author of 
Humanure.  Nice hedge of blueberries, several cultivars fruiting in 
sequence.  The orchard is laid out with an eye for design, and so is the 
vegetable garden. Contact PO Box 607, Grove City, PA 16127 USA; phone: 
866-641-7141, mail at joseph-jenkins.com.

These two can also direct you to other people they know in the area, 
many of them affiliated with the Master of Science in Sustainable 
Systems graduate program at Slippery Rock University, which has its own 
edible landscape.  See http://www.sru.edu/pages/10417.asp and  

Louisa Thompson


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