[NAFEX] Black cherry wine

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Pretty good wine, more of a heavy sherry or port.  I haven't made any, but 
if I recall correctly when my father made it (w/ one to several kids to help 
w/ fruit picking), he started wines by letting raw mashed fruits turn 
bubbly.  One batch turned out having the bitterness you mention, but I think 
it sat on the pits too long, &/or we used too much pressure in the wine 

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Subject: [NAFEX] Black cherry wine
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Yes, wild black cherries make the most fantastic wine,  for flavoring
purposes.  I found it tended to be too bitter to drink in any quantity, but
as wine it kept forever and was handy for anything I wanted to give an
authentic black cherry flavor to.  I used to make a trifle to take to pot
luck dinners, unfortunately it was so popular that I hardly ever got any.
Bake or buy a very plain sponge cake, tear it up into a large bowl,  pour on
maybe half a cup of cherry wine, surround with soft fruit (I used to use
canned Kieffer pears), and then pour custard over it.

A standard wine recipe would be:
A quart of wild black cherries, more will not hurt.  I think I used to 

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