[NAFEX] Excessive Nitrogen on Grapes....off-topic

Thomas Olenio tolenio at sentex.net
Mon Aug 8 21:52:34 EDT 2005

Hello Joe,

My son studied the martial arts (1/4 mile away) and the #1 rule is that  
you never attack another for fun or sport.  It is only for self defense.

Break the #1 rule and "master fear" (if he is honorable), will toss your  
son out to the curb, when he learns of the infraction.

This tid bit may come in handy.


On Mon, 08 Aug 2005 19:58:16 -0400, Joe Hecksel <jhecksel at voyager.net>  

> Hi All:
> My vinyard is planted southwest of an old barn.  Growth is
> vigorous and the must (grape juice) has excessive K (Postassium) due to
> the decades of poop that dropped on the site.  But this story is about
> Nitrogen, not Potassium.
> #1 Son, an impressionable fellow in his early teens, decided that he was
> interested in the manly arts of self defense.  Specifically, he sensed
> that it was his cosmic destiny to study Tae Kwan Do under the auspices
> of Master Fear.
> Master Fear's dojo is 55 minutes away from where we live.  You have to
> drive past approximately 13 other martial arts emporiums to get there.
> The reason Master Fear is the best is because # 0ne Son's Best Buddy
> says it is.  That, and the fact that it is next to where Best Buddy's
> dad lives and where Best Buddy spends the summer.
> There have been plusses and minusses.  One of the plusses is that #1 is
> much more stoic.  One major minus, besides the excessive amount of road
> time, is #1's compulsion to practice his "form" on every vertical
> entity.  I don't mind him bending up the box elder saplings or cuffing
> around the (empty) trash can.  Rather, it is the wear-and-tear he has
> been putting on the housing fixtures and #2 son and daughter.  Talking
> at him has had little effect.  Someday he will take a swing or a kick at
> somebody who will kick his you-know-what.  But that fails to register at
> an emotional level.  After all, who can be BADDER than Master Fear  
> Junior?
> It happened today.  We were walking out to our campsite to collect the
> tent and tidy up around the campfire ring.  It has been hot and we were
> wearing the usual sneakers, shorts and tee-shirts.  We took a short-cut
> through the grape vines.  He saw my old acquaintance, Nettie and took a
> whack at her.
> I can testify that Nettie is not the least bit intimidated by #1 Son's
> Tae Kwan Do form.  Stinging Nettie, that is.
> Still smiling
> -Joe
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