[NAFEX] More on Tom Vorbeck

Kevin Bradley edibleforestnursery at edibleforestnursery.com
Thu Aug 4 21:28:00 EDT 2005

They were apples from Vorbeck's that gave me the first taste of fruits that 
i could grow in the far north, it was a below zero night when I invited 6 
close friends in northern WI for an apple tasting, they trekked through the 
snow to a kerosene lit, 10 by 13 foot cabin where, by the heat of a Russian 
fire stove we tasted some of the best apples that could be grown in the far 
north: Sweet 16 among them. They were these  friends who encouraged me to 
propagate these fruits and start my nursery. Thank you Tom for the 
inspiration, and may you rest in peace.
kevin Bradley


PO BOX 260195

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