[NAFEX] Tom Vorbeck

Charles Paradise machelp at attglobal.net
Thu Aug 4 09:42:06 EDT 2005

> It's with heavy heart that I share this news.  Tom Vorbeck died this
> evening._______________________________________________

Tom and Jill's Vorbecks "Applesource" was another contribution to fruit culture, because purchasing the Sampler or Explorer packs allowed us to actually taste the apples, a revealing experience.  One I received contained "Downing Tart" which I immediately liked, and Tom provided me the next year with a scion, which grows now.  Tom also sent me a letter or two reporting on new varieties of apple that were more towards the tart side, while explaining that only about 20% like tart like I do.  Those letters are some of the most interesting in my file upstairs, and Tom's Applesource is a model for us all to follow as we all should be tasting much more different fruit.

Tom's Applesource led to many a variety being planted and also to many NOT being planted, a huge savings of many grower's time and resources.  How can a guy contribute more?  I never even heard of Johnny Appleseed putting taste testers in a box and sending them.

Charlie Paradise, Massachusetts

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