[NAFEX] Alternative pollinators

tanis cuff tanistanis at hotmail.com
Wed Aug 3 19:20:18 EDT 2005

Ditto.  Lots of pollinators other than honeybees.  Plum- pear- apple blossom 
season is very lively; good pollination even this year w/ the awful weather. 
  But I'm wondering if I have a pear tree which needs honeybee or larger 

tc, s.WI, z4-5, mostly organic

 > The mason bee discussion has me wondering how many of you all see
 > non-honeybee pollinators on your fruit plants and their relative
 > importance to your overall pollination?
 > I know this year were it not for my local native bumblebees and
 > southeastern blueberry bees I'd have seen very little pollination at
 > all.  Since the weather first warmed this year I haven't seen more
 > than a handful of honeybees.
 > My Seminole pumpkins are still blossoming and the bumblebees will be
 > in every new blossom as soon as it's light enough to see.
 > .....Alan.

I get lots of other pollinators. I often can't tell what they are;
they're moving around too fast for me to get a good look (and I'm
running too fast to take the time to catch and inspect them). It's
definitely multiple species, though (including some bumblebees, but
also several smaller things); and I've had pollination even when there
were few if any honeybees flying.

Finger Lakes NY; zone 5
mostly organic management

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