[NAFEX] A roundup of weed control alternatives

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For weed control I always ask a set of questions like
how much time & energy I have, today/this weekend?
how soon do I want bare ground for planting?
do I want to clear out everything?
can I handle all the plants at least as safely as working with an herbicide?

If I have all day Saturday to prep for a planting on Sunday, and I want bare 
soil where there is now lawn, and I can peel it off with a spade or 
cutter... then doing it all by grunt-work is preferable to spraying 
(prepping, mixing/filling, hefting or hauling the sprayer, trying to avoid 
getting the drift on me & desireable plants, cleaning up thoroughly & 
safely, etc... Gad!)

If I have a year to prep an area, an area filled with poison ivy, and it's a 
larger area, without many desireable plants to protect or avoid, then I'll 
probably spray.

I once heard an interesting debate on which sod-killing method does more 
damage to environment-- repeated tillage (uses lots of fossil-fuels), or a 
spray or 2 of herbicide?

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http://www.greensense.net/vinegar.html (there are several sites on using a
strong vinegar solution as an herbicide, feel free to Google!)





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