[NAFEX] A roundup of weed control alternatives

Stephen Sadler Docshiva at Docshiva.org
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http://www.greensense.net/vinegar.html (there are several sites on using a
strong vinegar solution as an herbicide, feel free to Google!)





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Waiting for one of the surrounding thunderstorms to drench my dry soil...

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You know, I admit to having used Roundup on poison ivy last year too.  I
would not crow about it, though, knowing or even suspecting the collateral
damage it does.  It is a choice I would probably make again today, but it
saddens me to poison the earth.

I might even be capable of killing a man in self-defense. And I suppose I
would be relieved if I turned out to have the strength to defend myself. But
I sure as hell would not rejoice in it.

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