[NAFEX] "Roundup" and other -cide effects

Hélène Dessureault interverbis at videotron.ca
Thu Apr 28 09:57:54 EDT 2005

I mentioned in my post around the same time that I have seen advertising on
products being sold around here showing a family by the pool without any
protection whatsoever and without any worry in the world, spraying this
stuff as if it was water. In fact, I think the children were the ones
spraying the weeds growing between the stones.  Meanwhile, there are
incredible studies conducted about this herbicide.

Since I wrote this to the list, I saw a documentary on Argentina. It is a
study on the health of people in a village surrounded by GMO soya sprayed by
this now infamous herbicide. Everyone is sick practically and the field are
sprayed at night because they are spraying closer to houses than regulations
To make matters worst, the weeds are now becoming used to Rounduppidoo, so
that other herbicides have to be sprayed as well, AND the people are not
able to grow corn anymore as it is killed by the new herbicide they are
using on the soya, which is the local commercial crop on a very large scale.

The onus is on sick people to demonstrate beyond a doubt what has made them
sick with scientists on the payroll making declarations that the cause to
effect is not demonstrated scientifically.
This is grim.

I  know some people feel strongly about this, but this is a threat. I will
say it again in different words this time as I seem to have offended some
people last time, we have the responsability collectively to do something.

Individuals who stand up are being fired and eliminated for being in the way
of so called "progress". Laws are being changed to accommodate this

This "progress" is casually and silently leaking in our wells and our

If we cannot do much about the big industry, let us at least do something
about it close to home and keep this stuff away for fear that some creepy
molecule might jump out of the can.
Don't buy the stuff, that is the real power we have collectively.

Hélène, north of Ottawa

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> Well, I am finally getting around to reading all this discussion.  I note
> with interest comments that it is the surfactants in Roundup that kill
> amphibians.  They say the stuff is safe, but I have never trusted it.
> 20 years ago we had some rabbits in two wood floored pens in an old barn.
> We kept a couple or 3 does and raised several litters each per year, plus
> buck.  One day I found a mature doe and a young rabbit with her dead,
> rabbits that had been perfectly healthy the day before.  As I looked for
> clues, I noted that something had splashed on the wooden floor from above.
> I climbed up into the loft and found a container of Roundup had fallen off
> beam and broken when it hit the floor of the loft.  We'd had a strong wind
> the previous night, and it had apparently blown the thing down.  I called
> the number on the container, and told them about my dead rabbits and the
> dripping Roundup.  The guy I talked to said that they had never been able
> feed any animals enough Roundup to kill them.  I was doubtful, but who was
> to argue with the expert?  He did say that the detergent like ingredients
> would tend to give them some digestive upset.  (There was no sign of that,
> and they hadn't had time to die of diarrhea anyway)  In the 6 or so years
> kept rabbits we had only 3 die of unknown causes, and these were two of
> three.  It is of note also that the rabbits in the adjoining pen, who did
> not have Roundup drip into their pen, stayed perfectly healthy.  To me,
> contrast between dead rabbits plus Roundup, and perfectly healthy rabbits
> without it, seems a bit striking.  No inbetween, slightly unhealthy
> to mess up the conclusions in this case.  And a pretty short exposure time
> as well.     Donna
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