[NAFEX] Re: nafex Digest, Vol 27, Issue 58

Richard MURPHY murphman108 at msn.com
Wed Apr 27 16:46:56 EDT 2005

Hi Heron;

I'm glad to get your news.
Since this was my first winter with trees in zone 4, I had no idea what to expect.
Now, it's wait and see, but I believe you are correct. The stuff under the outer bark looks to be fine.

Guess what else I did..................
I spent $2000 putting up a 7' wire mesh fence to keep the deer out.
It worked fine...........but I lost 15 trees to mice!
Man, do I feel 'ruhtahdid' as my MA friends would say.
I read, "the Apple Grower' by mike phillips, and the 'Backyard Orchardist' by Stella Otto, and other books.
They all warn of the damned mice, but I paid no heed to this warning.
In the middle of a hayfield, no less!
Also, I left a ring of bark mulch within 6" of the trunk.
Essentially, begging for the mice....
With regards to rodents, one should assume the worst until proven otherwise!!!



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  Wildlife Control Technology, Agriculture Pest Management Solutions</A> 

  Here is another great source of netting of all kinds...and the service is 
  good too.
  I've used their 17ft wide bird net....lasts more than one season over my 
  blueberries, as long as I take it down for the winter....before the leaves fall on 
  it and make it a mess to clean up.

  Karl Olson, zone 5 Southwest CT


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  Date: Tue, 26 Apr 2005 20:42:50 -0500
  From: Heron Breen <breen at fedcoseeds.com<mailto:breen at fedcoseeds.com>>
  Subject: Re: [NAFEX] apple trees unusual color
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  Hi Richard, hope I can be of some help.
  Barring some problem that the Internet cannot "see", I would say you are fine. Most 
  of the trees in my daily travel path all have red-barked young growth. Its normal. 
  The Dolgo in my front yard does it every year. We have had a dry spring, although 
  this weekend helped immensely, and weren't those red branches gorgeous after the 
  rain? Why does this coloring occur so strongly here in Maine? My theory is our 
  fluctuating spring temps, with the air temps at 60+ degrees (74 many times even in 
  early April) then 20's at night, and all this while the tree's roots are still 
  frozen! Kinda like our checks getting red when cold then warmed and vice versa...?
  If there is no shriveling of bark and the terminal buds look good, as well as 
  healthy wood beneath the red bark, you are good to go. Welcome to the variance of 
  zones in Maine!
  Heron Breen
  zone 4, Maine
  On Sat Apr 23 11:47 , 'Richard MURPHY' <murphman108 at msn.com<mailto:murphman108 at msn.com>> sent:

  >Hello Clan;
  >My name is Richard Murphy.
  >Last spring I planted some apple trees in New Sharon, Maine, zone 4.
  >This new orchard is in a hay field; lots of open space and sun, with 
  >clayish loam.
  >Last week I inspected the trees for the first time; (I live in 
  >They all seem to have a reddish-brown color, the bark, that is.
  >They all were in silver-tip, and under the outer bark is nice and 
  >Is this wind damage? Sunscald? Typical for young trees?
  >My trees here in zone 5 never did this.
  >Are the Maine trees going to croak?
  >Some trees had mouse damage (girdled), stupid ME for not using 
  >Even the non-gridled trees are unusually reddish brown, but fine (green 
  >& healthy) inside.
  >H E L P ! ! ! Anyone?
  >Thank you 


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