[NAFEX] apple trees unusual color

Hélène Dessureault interverbis at videotron.ca
Sat Apr 23 17:54:41 EDT 2005

What kind of trees are they?
It makes quite a difference as the colour of young trees bark vary quite a bit depending on the variety.
I grafted some Canada Red two years ago and the bark of my two small trees are quite red. Canada Red is a red apple but I never saw such a red bark before.
I am thinking that maybe the unusual colour of the bark is due to the variety.
Hélène, north of Ottawa, in zone 3-4 

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  Hello Clan;

  My name is Richard Murphy.
  Last spring I planted some apple trees in New Sharon, Maine, zone 4.
  This new orchard is in a hay field; lots of open space and sun, with clayish loam.
  Last week I inspected the trees for the first time; (I live in Massachusetts.)
  They all seem to have a reddish-brown color, the bark, that is.
  They all were in silver-tip, and under the outer bark is nice and green.
  Is this wind damage? Sunscald? Typical for young trees?
  My trees here in zone 5 never did this.
  Are the Maine trees going to croak?
  Some trees had mouse damage (girdled), stupid ME for not using guards.
  Even the non-gridled trees are unusually reddish brown, but fine (green & healthy) inside.

  H E L P ! ! !   Anyone?

  Thank you 



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