[NAFEX] mulch (was gypsum)

tanis cuff tanistanis at hotmail.com
Thu Apr 21 11:00:29 EDT 2005

Jute BACKING is OK and will decompose, but what if the other fibers are 
artificial?  I've seen some big messes from this.

Wood chips from an arborist:  try to get them from a pile that's been 
sitting a couple years.  Verticillium and probably other diseases travel 
well in fresh chips.

Tanis, s.WI, full of dire warnings today

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From: "Thomas
Subject: Re: [NAFEX] mulch (was gypsum)
Date: Tue, 19 Apr 2005 15:30:57 -0400


This being spring, and spring clean-ups happenening everywhere...

Do not forget that used jute backed, carpet makes a great weed block.  You  
can collect acres of it curbside this time of year.

Cut the carpet in 3' round circles or squares, put a slice in it to the  
center point, and you have a mulch mat.

Put the jute side facing up and slide around tree.  Blocks weeds, rain  goes 
through it, it holds moisture in the ground, and can be removed  easily in 
the fall.  Best of all it is FREE.

I would not spend my money on expensive weed mats, when they are all  around 
us for free.  Invest in fruit, not mulch mats.  Recycle, reduce,  re-use.


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