[NAFEX] Ribes decline principles

Richard Moyer ramoyer at gmail.com
Wed Apr 20 15:07:43 EDT 2005

Thanks for the info re: red currants.
Raises these issue for black currants and gooseberries:
1) Do black currants suffer from the same type of decline?  Some more
than others?
2) Do gooseberries decline as well?
3) Those that do decline, can the yield be restored by cutting all
canes to the crown and giving the plant a year rest?
4) Or would it be better to layer or root part of the plant, remove
the original and start with a new plant, to maintain vigor?
5) Any "replant disease" issues, that is, can a young plant yield well
in the same soil and location as an older plant that declined?

Richard Moyer
East Tenn
Ribes blooming, 'Crandall' scent intoxicating

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