[NAFEX] Decline in vigor of red currants

Ribes60 at aol.com Ribes60 at aol.com
Tue Apr 19 18:06:48 EDT 2005

Sam and All,
Red currants seem to go through this no matter what the origin. I have seen  
less of it in my Slovakian, Detvan and Tratan, though there is some there too. 
I  think it is more due to deminished nutriants. This can be caused by 
competing  weeds and grass or from lack of adequet applications. I do not like to 
feed rec  currants too much early in sprin as it makes them more susceptible to 
wind  damage. I find that divided applications, one at budbreak, and one about 
the  time the fruit is forming or sizing seems to work better for me. 
These two cultivars make a very large plant and produce very heavy yeilds,  
this makes them top heavy and more likely to damage from wind especially when  
they are wet. They produce long, well filled strigs and resist "run-off" 
better  than most. As I shrink the size of my operation These and Rovada are the 
only  reds I will still grow.
Ed Mashburn
Central PA Zone 5
Where the ribes are just beginning to bud
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