[NAFEX] mulch (was gypsum)

David W Hausmann wizard2468 at juno.com
Tue Apr 19 09:57:41 EDT 2005

        How's it going?  Our state Department of Conservation has been
promoting using native plants and grasses, as has the EPA, so I am
experimenting with Buffalo grass.  I am attempting to replace my entire
yard with it.  It has deeper roots, so needs less watering, and only
grows up to 6" and our local limit here is 8".  It is also listed as slow
growing and low maintenance and they state on the web site that you can
either mow it once or twice a year or not.  I will keep you updated, if
you wish.  I am also attempting to plant some perennial flowers around
the trees as well.  The site appears to state that the grass will grow in
your area as well.  The links for the site that sells the seed is:



        That is the site I bought from and have had very good germination
rates, even starting with it late last fall.  Here is another site for
info, but more expensive:

        Hope this helps.  Have a Good One!  Love, Peace and Perception

Saint Louis, Missouri

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On Tue, 19 Apr 2005 05:19:06 -0700 (PDT) Del Stubbs
<northernlights2n at yahoo.com> writes:
> Lucky, that is bizarre, they must have gotten gypsum mined  near a 
> uranium deposit. I am
> dropping the sheetrock idea because I dont need it fauling up 
> certification in the
> future. Thanks for all the useful commentary folks. However,  half 
> the reason I
> considered it was as a sod smothering mulch. Since I won't use easy 
> solutions like
> roundup to kill back grass around young trees, and I have too many 
> to weed whip up to the
> trunk every couple weeks, mulch has been a real study - that I am 
> not satisfied with yet.
> If I use mats (ie, cardboard, carpet, perforated mats, etc. ) then 
> rotted manure I apply
> is seperated from the root circle. If I use staw it soon builds up 
> to a mound that will
> build  too deep around the trunk. What do other non-roundupers do?
> Thanks,  Del, n MN Z 2/3
> --- Lucky Pittman <lucky.pittman at murraystate.edu> wrote:
> > Del,
> > Don't know if it's a concern in your area, but I had a buddy who 
> was in 
> > grad school at USF at Tampa FL, and he told me about a big 
> wallboard 
> > manufacturer there who had huge stacks of wallboard just sitting 
> out on the 
> > back side of the property, because of some glitch in materials 
> procurement 
> > which resulted in the manufactured product containing/emitting 
> excessive 
> > radioactivity, making the product unsalable.  Don't know how long 
> the stuff 
> > sat there - heck, it may still be there 25+ years later.
> > 
> > Lucky
> Del Stubbs  http://www.pinewoodforge.com   zone 3   N. MN
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