[NAFEX] mulch (was gypsum)

Del Stubbs northernlights2n at yahoo.com
Tue Apr 19 08:19:06 EDT 2005

Lucky, that is bizarre, they must have gotten gypsum mined  near a uranium deposit. I am
dropping the sheetrock idea because I dont need it fauling up certification in the
future. Thanks for all the useful commentary folks. However,  half the reason I
considered it was as a sod smothering mulch. Since I won't use easy solutions like
roundup to kill back grass around young trees, and I have too many to weed whip up to the
trunk every couple weeks, mulch has been a real study - that I am not satisfied with yet.
If I use mats (ie, cardboard, carpet, perforated mats, etc. ) then rotted manure I apply
is seperated from the root circle. If I use staw it soon builds up to a mound that will
build  too deep around the trunk. What do other non-roundupers do?
Thanks,  Del, n MN Z 2/3

--- Lucky Pittman <lucky.pittman at murraystate.edu> wrote:
> Del,
> Don't know if it's a concern in your area, but I had a buddy who was in 
> grad school at USF at Tampa FL, and he told me about a big wallboard 
> manufacturer there who had huge stacks of wallboard just sitting out on the 
> back side of the property, because of some glitch in materials procurement 
> which resulted in the manufactured product containing/emitting excessive 
> radioactivity, making the product unsalable.  Don't know how long the stuff 
> sat there - heck, it may still be there 25+ years later.
> Lucky

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