[NAFEX] Reliable nurseries that sell container citrus

athagan at atlantic.net athagan at atlantic.net
Tue Apr 19 07:12:25 EDT 2005

I'm not much for mail ordering plants but there is one that many
people in the Garden Web Citrus Forum like well.


Their prices are good and they have a nice selection.

The nursery that I buy quite a lot of my citrus from is Just Fruits &
Exotics -


They do mail order but I go there in person.  I've always liked what I
got from them.


Quoting mIEKAL aND <dtv at mwt.net>:

> I just lost all my kumquats & calmondins in a house fire,  all 6-8
> years old from seed, all just starting to flower.  I'm wondering if
> someone can recommend reasonally priced grafted cultivars from
> someone reputable online.  I don't have the patience to wait
> 6-10 years to grow new ones from seed....  There's a few that I
> of such as Edible Landscaping but I'm looking for something a bit 
> more affordable.

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