[NAFEX] gypsum / sheetrock

Erdman, Jim ErdmanJ at uwstout.edu
Mon Apr 18 10:00:54 EDT 2005


 Bernie Nikolai said:
>Del, when I started my hobby orchard about 10 years ago I laid
>sheetrock/drywall sheets to block the weeds.  Never again.  The rain soaked
>the stuff, the wind started to break little pieces off, and before long the
>orchhard looked like the county dump with drywall bits, paper, etc. all
I've never had this problem, and have used scraps of drywall on the garden off and on since 1977 or so.  The first rain starts to soften it, and by fall it has broken apart some, and by the next spring it is just white mush on the top of the ground.  I have only used plain drywall, not the green water resistant or the type x fire rated stuff.
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