[NAFEX] Cornus Mas (hardiness)

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Where are you located and what USDA hardiness zone, and have you tried
any of the Russian cultivars of C. mas? -- Sam Brungardt, St. Paul,
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Lotsa Cornus mas here. Does extremely well, it's the first thing to
flower, the same time as the pussywillows. These here have survived
several weeks of -20F & a few days of -30F over the years. Tho the bark
exfoliates and the leaves get a spot of anthracnose, they put on copious
amounts of fruit which with we make my favorite jam. While I was in
Romania, these fruits were a common site in the farmers markets, fresh &


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Any advice on the likely hardiness of either of the above two C. mas

There are 6 C. mas seedlings here in zone 5b, central Indiana. Lowest
winter temps about -10. Last two years -8.  Had them about 5 years, they
seem to be doing well, no major winter damage. We on the 1991 NAFEX /
VIR exchange trip saw them growing wild in the Krasnodar region of
Russia, near the black sea. That is I believe equivalent to zone 6-5.
One Green World says hardy to zone 4.   


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