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> Waste is waste, whether you see the smoke or it moulders underground for 
> millions of years

I predict, but none of us will be around to see if I'm wrong, that at some 
point (far less than a million years) in the future these land fills will be 
mined for the rare and precious metals and other materials that are in them. 
Technology will be such and the market values high enough that mining landfills 
will be profitable. They will be excavated, trucked to a processing plant for 
separation of metals, in the reverse order as now being done. 

In this area of Indiana there are many vacated coal strip mines. Some of 
these are being underlain with plastic. KR Drenth Trucking sends many many trucks 
to this area with garbage from New Jersey and other eastern states every day. 
On my last trip to the land fill two weeks ago in a half hours time I saw 14 
KR Drenth tractor trailer garbage trucks at the land fill. This goes on every 
day of every week. My guess is when Indiana is out of areas suitable for 
landfills just as the eastern states are now, garbage will be hauled further west. 

On a recent drive to Indianapolis I counted the KR Drenth trucks on west 
bound I-70 and computed if the same number were in every 60 mile segment there 
would be about 250 trucks on the road headed to Indiana loaded with garbage every 

There was a local environmental group that tried to stop the garbage being 
hauled into Indiana but were told to stop it would violate Federal Interstate 
Commerce laws. If they set up road blocks to stop the trucks federal laws would 
be broken, The Feds would step in, hello jail time.     

The State Legislature cannot stop it. As I recall we can't even tax the 

Moulders underground? I love it. :-)


PS. I'm not picking on you good folks from the state of NJ. 
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