[NAFEX] fiberglass

Stephen Sadler Docshiva at Docshiva.org
Sun Apr 17 17:27:08 EDT 2005

Fiberglass isn't toxic - and it doesn't burn readily, it prefers to melt.
Inhaled fiberglass particles damage the lungs in a way similar to asbestos.

But, fiberglass won't become particulate and start spreading itself around -
it needs help for that...

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After burning, wouldn't there still be glass in the ash?  And other 
than being bad to breath, and irritating to the skin, is fiberglass all 
that toxic?  I would think that in a landfill, fiberglass would sit 
fairly benignly, neither escaping into the nearby air/water/soil not 
especially damaging anything else.  I've never thought of fiberglass as 
an especially potent or dangerous toxin.


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