[NAFEX] gypsum / organinc cert.

Dylan Ford dford at suffolk.lib.ny.us
Sun Apr 17 11:17:12 EDT 2005

The fellow who was burning it was not the same who "knew" about the
chemicals. I am always surprised when people save their approbation for the
person at the end of a series of environmentally-destructive acts of
manufacture who is trying to gain an additional use from a material before
it enters our vast waste stream and not a word about the folks who
heedlessly commit the original environmentally-destructive acts all day
every day for profit.
    If that fellow has committed an environmental crime by burning the
fibreglass fibres out of some wallboard, how about the folks who place
fibreglass fibres into wallboard? How about those who manufacture fibreglass
fibres? They will eventually get loose from the wallboard. It becomes a
question of do you prefer to ingest your carcinogenic fibreglass in fibre
form blowing out of landfills for the next several millenia, or as a
carcinogenic gas mixed into your atmosphere? It is like the proverbial
swallowing the camel but straining at a gnat.

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> >the sheets strength and someone who claimed that over 100 chemicals are
> >added into the glue, paper and gypsum to provide fire-retardance and
> >qualities. If you break a piece in your hands you will see the fibres.
> >fellow said he ran it in small pieces through his woodburning stove first
> >eliminate everything but the gypsum, and then spread it on his pastures
> >the ashes.
> So he's burning something with 'over 100 chemicals' - I bet
> that it didn't do his neighbors (who have to breathe the
> smoke) much good.  I cannot fathom why people are stupid
> enough to do something like this: or uncaring enough about
> the environment and other people.
> Pat
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