[NAFEX] gypsum / organinc cert.

Dylan Ford dford at suffolk.lib.ny.us
Sun Apr 17 09:51:29 EDT 2005

Folks,  Oddly the sheetrock question has recently come up on two other lists
in which I participate. Those who weighed in on the first discussion
generally agreed that sheetrock was okay as a soil amendment, long-term
mulch. The second group however included people who had had bad
experiences - reactions to fiberglass fibres that are incorporated to give
the sheets strength and someone who claimed that over 100 chemicals are
added into the glue, paper and gypsum to provide fire-retardance and other
qualities. If you break a piece in your hands you will see the fibres. One
fellow said he ran it in small pieces through his woodburning stove first to
eliminate everything but the gypsum, and then spread it on his pastures with
the ashes. I had planned to recycle some, but I won't now.  dylan

Dylan Ford is the author of the proposal at www.ideaforpresident.com , a
website devoted to an idea that could provide an avenue to address pollution
issues, food safety, social justice, prison reform and healthcare.

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