[NAFEX] gypsum / organinc cert.

Del Stubbs northernlights2n at yahoo.com
Sun Apr 17 08:39:34 EDT 2005

Thanks for the commentaries: regarding stuff breaking up and blowing around - the two
4'x4' test pieces I laid  3 years ago have simply dissolved into the soil, and they did
an admirable job for a couple years of smothering weeds next to the trees ( the other
short term use for  sheetrock) which of course a powder wouldn't do. I appreciate the
heads up on organic certifying agency objections. Which leads to a question: I'll be
growing 'organic' - whether I am certified or not, a personal bent of mine.  From the
restrictions I have seen I think I'll be certified crazy if I do get 'certified'! But I
figure I might as well reap the extra $ per pound if indeed I already deserve the
classification. Since this is not a forum for organic growers can someone recommend an
online forum for such discussions? thanks, Del

> > A fellow orchardist uses sheetrock (gypsum board ) to both add gypsum 
> > and smother sod and
> > kill weeds around new trees. > > Del
> If you are contemplating getting certified, before applying ANYTHING 
> check with the agency you intend to certify with.
> I just took a fast look at my 2004 print version of the OMRI (organic 
> materials review institute) generic list. It says: "Gypsum - mined 
> source: Nonsynthertic, Calcium sulfate; only mined forms are 
> acceptable. See Gypsum By-products and Mined Minerals - Unprocessed." 
> The next item says: "Gypsum By-Products: Synthetic. Gypsum produced as 
> a by-product of superphosphate manufacture . . . from precipitation of 
> sulfur-dioxide gas with limestone, or from dry-wall rejects is 
> prohibited".
> So it sounds to me like you'd better not use it. But you could check 
> with a certifying agency to be sure.
> --Rivka
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