[NAFEX] Cornus Mas

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Sat Apr 16 21:28:25 EDT 2005

I have two cornus mas, but I think they are too far apart to pollinate. 
  I've decided that rather than move the smaller one, I will buy a new 
one this fall.  (My soil is rocky, and if the roots have established 
much, it will be very hard to move the tree.)  I will put it near the 
one that is doing better.  There's more sun on that side.

Any advice on good cultivars, and/or good people to buy from?  I prefer 
to buy from east of the rockies, partly because the shipping is less 
stressful for the plants, and partly because I'm afraid of sudden oak 
death.  (Although I suppose we will all be seeing that all too soon.)  
Also, it's always easier to buy from the same climate or north, rather 
than from the south.  A southern plant may have broken dormancy in the 
spring before I can get it in the ground, and may not have hardened off 
in the fall.

I am in eastern Massachusetts, zone 6.

Ginda Fisher

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