[NAFEX] Amphibian Decline

athagan at atlantic.net athagan at atlantic.net
Fri Apr 15 13:32:31 EDT 2005

Frogs may be in decline in many areas, but in my part of Florida I
think we've got more now than we've had for years.  Two hurricanes
went over us last season and filled up places that had been dry for a
long time.  On a warm night the chorus is almost deafening.  After
Jeanne came through the little green rain frogs hatched out so thick
it was like parting the sea to walk across the yard.  My daughter and
I would count sixty to seventy little ones on every blueberry bush. 
Naturally the local predators caught up to them eventually, but we've
still got a lot of frogs.


Quoting Joe Hecksel <jhecksel at voyager.net>:

> > The amphibians may be like the canary in the mine...just
> something we can see succumbing to the toxins all around us.  
> Amphibian's skin is very permeable.  It is almost like our 
> intestines....except the frog/toad/tadpole has less control of what
> it swims in than we have over what we put in our mouths.
> Last summer we had many tadpoles in our burn pit.  I was surprised
> as I thought the water would be pretty nasty.  Cu++, etc.
> BTW, I saw a tree frog on the back deck yesterday.

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