[NAFEX] Amphibian Decline

DocKW at aol.com DocKW at aol.com
Fri Apr 15 12:15:57 EDT 2005

I am of the opinion that most disease if either genetic origin (weakness) or 
host resistance related.  Host resistance can and probably relates directly to 
the burden it has  on it's resources due to environmental load (mercury, 
chemicals/pesticides, air pollution)  Keep in mind many chemicals used in daily 
life are not considered to be related to pesticides , yet have been shown to 
accumulate in our bodies and put a strain on the detox systems (liver and 
kidneys).   If you remember the product 
called Scotch Guard....was removed from use because they found increasing 
amounts of this stuff in the body fat of nearly everyone in the USA.....and then 
decided we didn' t need that there to inaugurate some disaster later on when 
it  was in concentrations great enough to affect our health.  In reality, it 
already has affected our health by adding to the bioburden all around us.  This 
is just one product....and there are thousands.  
The whole idea of cancer and degenerative diseases (or a fungus) is based on 
people just catching the disease, whereas, the truth may really be that we 
have burdened our bodies so much that we start a breakdown process because we can 
no longer detox.
The amphibians may be like the canary in the mine...just something we can see 
succumbing to the toxins all around us.  
Just my 2cents worth
Karl W. Olson, D.M.D.

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