[NAFEX] Re:Lime/Amphibian decline

Doc Lisenby longdistshtr at shtc.net
Fri Apr 15 11:37:16 EDT 2005

It is common practice to check fish ponds here in the South to insure that 
the pH isn't too low.  I add tons of lime to my 3 acre pond every few years. 
It takes a lot of lime to show any appreciable rise in pH and some people 
says it is an exercise in futility.
I hear only one or two bullfrogs (Rana catesbelana)every year.  Fifty years 
ago we could harvest enough for a meal.   Nowadays, frog gigs, a commonly 
sold hardware/sporting good store item, are hard to find.
I have always suspected  that surfactants/detergents/wetting agents/surface 
tension depressants/emulsifiers inadvertently left on eating implements, 
dishes and cookware are involved somehow in causing coronary artery disease 
in humans.  They are powerful reagents and just don't belong in a living 
organism; except for those that the organism's body makes for a specific 
Doc Lisenby 

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