[NAFEX] "Roundup" and other -cide effects

Hélène Dessureault interverbis at videotron.ca
Fri Apr 15 11:16:43 EDT 2005

On the subject of side -cide effects of Roundup, I caught on the radio last
night the tail end of an interview with a researcher who just published a
on a study carried out in France on the effects of Roundup on humans. Here
in Canada, Monsanto has been effective at gaging opposition so that very
little information is released on this herbicide, commonly used on the food
we eat, via the crops that are genetically modified to be insensitive to
Roundup. It is even promoted as being harmless. Yes, some publicity depicts
a happy family in summer clothes spraying Roundup liberally on weeds growing
through the stones on the patio surrounding their pool.  Next, it will be
time to genetically modify humans to become
insensitive to Roundup, because according to the report it is far from the
case, as we speak. I won't go into the details and I wish I had an email
address of some sort to provide as a reference, but I was vastly alarmed.

This researcher introduces the notion of humanicide and studies the levels
toxicity required for humans and what effects are to be expected. He stated
that a dilution of 1 : 10 000 is able to kill human placenta, which was the
medium used for the study. There is also all kinds of details on what kinds
of anomalies are to be expected.

I'm sorry to throw a stone in the pond but people have to wake up. It is
outrageous to be discussing how amphibians are being killed by this product
that should not exist. We are poisoning the world!!

This is everybody business and even more so people involved in growing
fruits and other foods. We have even more responsability when it comes to
finding ways to coexist with nature. It cannot be disregarded. Killing
nature is killing ourselves.

Hélène, zone 3-4

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> Research has shown that the way Roundup kills amphibians is not via the
> active ingredient, but by the surfactants, which are unregistered 'inert'
> ingredients designed, as I think all of you know, to help the active
> ingredient permeate the weeds.
> Stephen Sadler, Ph.D.
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> Tanis,
> A number of widely used insecticides are estrogen mimics and cause all
> of problems with vertebrates as well as the insects that they are supposed
> to be targeted to.  I think there are a lot more of them around even than
> the true hormones.
> Muffy Barrett
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