[NAFEX] Amphibian Decline

David W Hausmann wizard2468 at juno.com
Fri Apr 15 10:22:24 EDT 2005

'Ello, All!
        Just an opinion and observation on this previous letter.  In my
humble opinion, there is no longer such a thing as an unpolluted area on
this planet.  From global warming to jet streams to greenhouse gasses to
acid rain to particulates to bird and other animal migration routes,
there is not a single square inch on this planet that does not have some
type of contamination.  Both when the asteroid impact caused the major
species loss of the dinosaurs and when Krakatoa caused the "year without
summer", layers of specific elements have been found in the appropriate
sedimentary level for the occurrence everywhere on the globe, and these
are "natural pollutants", if there is such a thing, but I think you get
my drift.  This planet has a dynamic ecosystem that carries ingredients
and compounds to every point on the planet through multitudes of
dispersal mechanisms.  "Acid rain" is a good example of pollutants
arriving at pristine locations.  Just wait until all the refuse dumped
into the "limitless oceans" [an oxymoron in a closed ecosystem, although
our planet is not truly closed as mentioned later] comes back to haunt
us.  Just a few early morning thoughts.  [Being a night person, probably
not the best of the day!  hahaha]  Also, you do not have to be at the
bottom of the mine to hear the canaries stop signing.
        One more thing.  As Carl Sagan professed, we are all made of star
stuff and not only do chemicals travel the world, they also come from
extraterrestrial sources such as the solar wind, comets, meteorites and
energy pollution from cosmic, ultraviolet and gamma rays. 
        Have a Good One!  Love, Peace and Perception

Saint Louis, Missouri

On Fri, 15 Apr 2005 07:54:35 -0500 Jim Fruth <jfruth at uslink.net> writes:
>     Thirty years ago, I used to fall asleep to the croaking and 
> chirping of
> frogs.  This is an unpolluted area of Northern Minnesota - the 
> disappearance
> of the frogs can't(?) be attributed to pollution; then what?
> -- 
> Jim Fruth
> Brambleberry Farm
> www.bberryfarm.com 
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