[NAFEX] Tanglefoot can be dangerous

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>   I learned, the hard way, that tanglefoot will/can girdle a tree, even a
> tree with crusted scalely bark.  It softens bark and, eventually, penetrates
> to the inner bark.  And I thought I wasn't putting very much on.

I've only used it on persimmon trunks to keep especially ants out during the 
pollinating period when hand pollinating. The flowers I'm taken selected 
pollen to are bagged to keep bees from bringing in stray pollen. Ants can get in 
even though the bags are tied. Mr. Claypool used to place cotton at the tying 
point to make a tight fit. I've found it much easier to use Tanglefoot around 
the tree in a wide band keeping them out of the tree. And have used the same 
banded area two and three years in a row.         

>From one year to the next only a dark ring is left, all the tanglefoot 
disintegrates. Have had no problems like you describe with persimmon. Could you have 
been using bird tanglefoot as opposed to tree tanglefoot? 

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