[NAFEX] Seek "Laroda" a late-flowering plum scions

charles paradise machelp at attglobal.net
Thu Apr 14 07:16:06 EDT 2005

I seek dormant scions of the plum variety "Laroda", just one or two scions.

I am interested in "Laroda" primarily because its late-flowering gives me an improved chance of pollinating it
by other very late-flowering plums I have, and because of its reputed high-quality.

I am seeking scions of diameter 5/16" [pencil size] or 3/8".

Pasted below are two descriptions I found of "Laroda".  But I would also be interested in other plums of
Japanese type provided they are very late-flowering.

Please write to me at machelp at attglobal.net

LARODA-Midseason. A large cone shaped plum with dark red to purple skin.The flesh is transluscent yellow, and
light red just under the thin and tender skin.It develops an intense flavor when it is cooked 'skin on'. The
flesh is sweet, firm and aromatic, with good flavor, although the flavor declines with time if it is stored too
long. The tree is very upright, well spurred, and vigorous.An important commercial variety. US

Laroda - The quintessential plum. Reddish-purple, not quite round, highly flavored it is a winner for any use.
It was voted the best plum in California by the food staff at Sunset Magazine. Larodas are an old fashioned
plum with lots of old fashioned taste. Highly prized in cooking, wonderful when eaten fresh, great when made
into jam, it can do it all. Larodas are quite tart but develop wonderful sweetness when fully tree ripened.

Charlie Paradise in Massachusetts

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