[NAFEX] New apple varietys

Mark Lee markl at nytec.com
Wed Apr 13 12:28:27 EDT 2005

Thanks for sending the scionwood.  I received my self addressed envelope
yesterday.  Unforturnately somewhere between Winchester and my mailbox,
the scionwood fell out.  The post office left me a note saying they were
sorry for being so rough with the envelope.  Oh well.  Let's try this
again next year.  Thanks for being so generous with the members of
-Mark Lee, Seattle

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Response to my offer of new varietys has been overwhelming, I am too
right now with pruning 2000 fruit trees to answer everyone individually,
If you send a stamped (about 3 stamps) addressed envelope to me at---Lee
Elliott, 1852 woodson-winchester rd. Winchester, Illinois, 62694 I will
send you a scion of each, (while they last, quanity of scion wood is
limited), 1-11 is a Galax honey crisp cross, is small, russeted,
gala in shape, color but is sweeter, crisper, 3-19 is pink lady x
honeycrisp, late in the season,much like pink lady but is keeping
not as pretty with some russet, still very crisp in March, tart,not
 6-37 is Goldrush x honeycrisp, round, yellow ground color blushed red,
Very crisp breaking flesh,sweet-tart, keeps well, still crisp in march,
normal size, tendency to crack around the stem. I have several more that
I'm going to hang on to and test some more, I had about 100 new varietys
fruit in 2004, expect a lot more this year. I;m going to give the ones
that I think don't have commercial qualitys but have good eating
to my Nafex friends and save the best of the best to possibly patent and
sell, I have one of these so far, 2-17 is a Pinova x honey crisp cross
that is the equal of HC, maybe better that seems to be able to grow much
further south than HC will. This first flush of fruiting apples comes
the most vigorous seedlings  of the 3000 crosses I've done,I have both
seedling trees and each has a limb graft too, It is the limb grafts that
fruited last year, hardly any of the seedlings themselves fruited, (5
fruited ) this year is the 6th leaf for the seedlings and the limb
are only 2 leaves old, I have about 500 limb grafts to make this year, a
number are open-polinated seedlings of Pacific Rose, this apple, in my
opinion is the best desert apple in the world. Trouble is it's owned by
Enza, (New Zealand) and can't be obtained here. Will post more later,
please don't write me right now, am too busy to coorespond until I get
work done,Lee Elliott

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