[NAFEX] Apple pollination/over-lap?

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s.WI 2-cents:

My notes for 2003 say my apple trees started opening flowers on May 5 (FYI, 
this is the only year I have records for that the earliest apple opened when 
the pear did!), and the latest apple started opening May 11.

2004: Apple flowers started opening April 29 (the only notes I have for 
bloom in April); latest tree started opening May 9.

Earliest apple may have pollinated latest in '03, but not in '04?  Sorry-- I 
never thought to keep track of how long the blossoms look fertile.

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Not just the East; most places, most apples will pollinate most others...
you can see that on the pollination charts - many open boxes for
pollination-compatible varieties, and a few marked 'X' for triploids, poor
pollinators, and the rare pair of apples that are just out of sync.

I've never had apple pollination problems, nor seen it, even with one tree -
not in any area where apples are commonly and fairly densely grown....

Stephen Sadler, Ph.D.
USDA 9, AHS heat zone 8,
Sacramento CA - Mediterranean climate

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I think this is true.  I live in Massachusetts, and as far as I can
tell, everything apple blooms the same week.  I suppose you might have
trouble if you had only two trees, a very early one and a very late
one, but if you have one good, fertile midseason bloomer, I think
everything else would be covered.....

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