[NAFEX] Apple pollination

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Tue Apr 12 07:06:18 EDT 2005

On Apr 12, 2005, at 12:16 AM, derry and bill wrote:
> I have the feeling that matching bloomtimes is not as important in the 
> East as in
> the West. I've heard that the East warms up quickly and all the apples 
> come into
> bloom at approximately the same time.

I think this is true.  I live in Massachusetts, and as far as I can 
tell, everything apple blooms the same week.  I suppose you might have 
trouble if you had only two trees, a very early one and a very late 
one, but if you have one good, fertile midseason bloomer, I think 
everything else would be covered.

Dick is in zone 3, MN, so maybe more important than bloom time charts, 
he needs a second good cold-hardy cultivar.  Maybe a hardy ornamental 
crab would be a good choice, if he doesn't need another eating apple.  
Some of the crabs are very hardy and have long bloom time.  Or maybe he 
should give Honeycrisp a try.  (Although I'm sure he can buy that, or 
will be able to soon.  Some of us try to grow stuff that's hard to get 


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