[NAFEX] fruits that like wet feet

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Sun Apr 10 09:25:40 EDT 2005

I don't think I've ever seen blackberries in wet areas in z.4-5 s.WI.  I've 
seen one of the lower-growing "dewberries" closer to marsh areas, but rarely 
with fruit, & they are too weedy & spreading for a yard site where you want 
a shrub.

What about Aronias and Viburnums?

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Subject: RE: [NAFEX] fruits that like wet feet
Date: Sat, 9 Apr 2005 23:26:29 -0700

Out here in the west, at least, the presence of wild blackberries indicates
a wet clay soil (although they do just fine in wet loam).  I wonder if  a
blackberry, loganberry, or other related, thornless or otherwise, would do

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