[NAFEX] Fruiting hedges for wet area

Richard Moyer ramoyer at gmail.com
Sat Apr 9 22:43:31 EDT 2005

Deb wrote:
I have a place along a drainage ditch that I would like to plant a
fruiting hedge.  Our soil is heavy clay.  The front lip of the ditch
does drain, but it is still a wet area.  Are there any fruiting hedges
that would do well in a location like this?  I am in SE Ohio.

We have a clay area at our place that floods during heavy rains, and
Amelanchier canadensis (Juneberry) is doing well there. Got ours from
Lawyer's Nursery.  Have seen Juneberry growing in soggy places along
mountain streams and bogs near here.  The form we have is multistemmed
and tops out at 8-10 feet, but could be pruned shorter.  Outstanding
multiseason interest; ours in full bloom now.
Another to try is pawpaw, which also is seasonally flooded in some
habitat here.
Consider too the native swamp rose, which has decent flavored hips.  
Agreed with previous post that elderberry a good choice.
Richard Moyer
East Tenn, Zone 6

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